Square Kilometer Array (SKA)

Continent-size interferometric radio telescope array 1000s of radio dishes, centered on Carnarvon in Shouth Africa's "Karoo", spreading out into Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia. (There'll also be a lowfrequency array in Australia.)
20182023: Phase 1 SKA construction
20232030: Phase 2 SKA construction


Precursor array, 64 dishes, will be incorporated into the SKA phase 1 mid frequency array.
20142017: MeerKAT construction

KAT7 (Karoo Array Telescope)

7Dish Array.
Prototype for MeerKAT, currently operational.

South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO)

Almost 200 years old.
Headquarters in Cape Town
Observatory in Sutherland

South African Large Telescope (SALT)

11m mirror comprised of 91 hexagonal segements
Part of Sutherland Observatory
First Light 2005

Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC)

Located in Cape Town

SA National Space Agency (SANSA)

Magnetic Observatories at Hermanus, Hartebeesthoek, Keetmanshoop, and Tsumeb.
Optical Space Research Laboratory (Sutherland)
20 Antennas & a ground station at Hartebeesthoek for space operation support

Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory

West of Johannesburg

High Energy Spectrocopic System (HESS)

Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Array
Near Gamsberg Mountain, Namibia

iThemba Labs

Accelerator Based Medical & Research Facility

Southern Ocean Carbon & Climate Observatory (SOCCO)